Hello and welcome!

Today’s world is fast moving and can offer many challenges and difficulties.  Busy lives, communication issues and a reluctance to burden those close to us can prevent us from being listened to.  We can sometimes lose sight of who we are and what holds real meaning for us.  Being truly heard can be  both empowering and valuable.  It immediately raises our self worth and self esteem, helping us to begin to locate our true colours and, therefore,  improve our sense of well being. 

My commitment to you

I am caring and empathetic, both as a person, and within my practice as a counsellor.  I am committed and passionate about my work. I welcome, respect and value diversity and difference and do not practice or support discrimination of any kind.  

I am keen to help promote self esteem, personal expression and emotional well being. I believe the development of a good therapeutic relationship with my clients to be key to the effectiveness of the counselling endeavour. It is important to me that you feel comfortable, safe, valued and respected at all times. 

The first steps towards help can be the hardest. Embarking on the counselling ‘journey’ can take courage.  It can be challenging and painful at times.  Yet, I am fully committed to help support you through the process and the difficult emotions you may encounter. The counselling experience can also be powerfully enlightening and rewarding and I truly believe that the outcomes can be well worth it!  

I very much look forward to meeting you!