My Therapeutic Approach

I practice from an Integrative model of psychotherapy.  As in ‘integrative’ counsellor, I draw upon and blend aspects from Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, which focus on how the ways we think  effect our moods and behaviours, Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Therapies which explore relationship patterns, parallels and experiences evolved from childhood and the past which have shaped us and our view of the world and Humanistic Therapies which focus on the here and now, encouraging self development in reaching personal/professional potential in order to be able to move forward and live a life which is authentic and meaningful.

I believe this form of therapy to be helpful for my clients,  as it takes account of, and places importance and significance on,  their full story’This way of working, also, enables me to tailor and personalise my approach to suit their uniqueness’, needs and requirements.

I aim to work in a way that is straight forward, helping you  to express yourself by using techniques you feel comfortable with. These may include, eg. creative therapy, relaxation, mindfulness.  I recognise you as thedriver of the vehicle and the expert on your own narrative.  My role is to help guide exploration through your story, helping to notice unconscious connections and patterns that have developed over time, which could be unhelpful or damaging and sometimes offer new perspectives or new ways of thinking that might help you to work through your difficulties